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VIDEO - & creative content

various media creation from 2015 - now.

Video making is a huge passion of mine and I love to be able to work outside my own creative process whenever possible.

Subject to availability, please contact for rates and services.

Commissioned video for Young Spice - Image World

video promo for Oats the Label, 2023

video edit for Oats the Label, 2023
original footage by Shakira Rees

Feeling the male gaze, 2019
made using watercolour, scans and footage shot and found
created for exhibition

(song by Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou)


stop motion for Oats the Label

Music video for Young Spice 'Image World', 2015

'Because you're worth it!', 2015
creative project

video for exhibition, 2015

'I want to be an artist but I can't convince myself to be one' 

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