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I'm ᑎᗩᛕᗴᗪ under here shirt

I'm ᑎᗩᛕᗴᗪ under here shirt



I'm ᑎᗩᛕᗴᗪ under here



Chest: 59


Length: 77

Sleeve: 82



Each piece is sourced, designed and hand printed by me.


About this design

Remember those beach towels that had a cartoonish desirable sexy man or woman body on it?


I tried finding the exact one I remember on google but could only find modernised ones on cheap websites or Amazon. 


For some reason I couldn't discern it made me feel really uncomfortable. I suppose admitting publicly that I wanted this other body. That I wanted it too soon and was ashamed of the repurcussions that may have. I could see my Mum begin to fear my growing and changing, understandably.


An adult body seemed like this entirely different thing - that you could flaunt and gain power. Then, finally having biologically peaked I was disappointed. Without double D's my grandma predicted I'd have, I felt this body I had was so lacking in comparison to what I'd envisoned. 


To cover it daily with clothes and try and live a normal life when your view of yourself is so dysmorphic is like putting a cloth over some shit. I wanted to scream - I'm naked under here! 


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