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C̆̈Ŏ̈Ŏ̈L̆̈ ̆̈Ğ̈Ĭ̈R̆̈L̆̈ t

C̆̈Ŏ̈Ŏ̈L̆̈ ̆̈Ğ̈Ĭ̈R̆̈L̆̈ t



C̆̈Ŏ̈Ŏ̈L̆̈ ̆̈Ğ̈Ĭ̈R̆̈L̆̈ t


• hand drawn print ~ limited edition

• xs/small fit

• soft comfy 100% cotton  (Originally UNIQLO t)

• measurements available upon request



Each piece is sourced, designed and hand printed

Bought Pre loved, refreshed & given new life

Garments may have some minor imperfections, some intentional 

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