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ᩏꪶꪖꪗᡶỉꪑꫀ shirt

ᩏꪶꪖꪗᡶỉꪑꫀ shirt




ᩏꪶꪖꪗᡶỉꪑꫀ shirt



Chest: 51

Waist: 47

Length: 73

Sleeve: 86



Each piece is sourced, designed and hand printed by me.


About this design

Celebrating the conflicting feelings surrounding masturbation. Empowerment and shame. Somehow, as a teenager, I heard most male friends reference masturbation daily and less than 3% of any females around me ever. 


We had rom coms depicting women with candles in the bath and a sensual mood to get us here. Here is still very far from satisfying, with abortion laws in question and gender fluidity scorned by many.

I'm very grateful to the people who have shown me how to celebrate

female/femme sexuality.

We all have to enjoy our playtime when we can. Maybe in a business shirt ;)

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