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BILLIE MORRIS (she/her) 

is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia 

Creating in an attempt to be comfortable in the absurdity of living inside a body.

Her work predominantly portrays humans and attempts to blur the lines of gender and beauty conformity.

Self documentation is an important facet of her work, extending to a somewhat obsessive collection of items; tickets, receipts, hand written notes and sometimes literal trash.

Film and literature are a constant influence and hints of homages can be found throughout her subject matter. 


In a perpetual state of self doubt and intense enthusiasm she aims to steadily develop her practise and understand her own, and others, inner worlds.


instagram: @billiemorris_



Australia is founded on land that was stolen from Indigenous people.

Naarm, now 'Melbourne' (and surrounding) was inhabited solely by Wurrundjeri people of the Eastern Kulin Nation who before me cared for and created their artistry and culture upon it for 60,000 years

The wealth that has been generated by that theft is disproportionately distributed.

All people who live here today, or who lived here in the past, have not benefited equally from the continuing dispossession of Indigenous people. Indeed, many are deliberately and profoundly marginalised from power and the spoils of colonialism.


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